Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Summer!

 4th of July is really one of my favorite holidays. It's so fun! After 3 years of me begging and Brandon dragging his feet, he finally consented to going to the parade with me! He's such a good sport and really hates parades! Dax's favorite part was eating taffy with Grandma Kris!

 We also went up to Teton Campground to go horseback riding. Probably one of my most favorite things to do. It's so beautiful and peaceful up there! And seeing horseback is even better. Shannon and Layne made tin foil dinners for us and we had such a fun afternoon.

 This was Dax's first horseride. He knew just what to do!

 Then we went to the rodeo that night to watch Nichole and the girls ride!
They did so good and Dax was such a trooper! We stole Frank's hat while he was sleeping
and I think Dax looks pretty good! Binky and all!

Later in July we went to the zoo with the cub scouts! Yeah, I know, a zoo within a zoo. It was fun though. Dax was pretty fascinated by all the animals!

 Especially the lions....he was ready to climb right in!

 Amongst all our playing we did have to fit in laundry!  My little guy likes to help me sort the laundry. He's a big help! I put in the basket, he throws it out! I throw it out of the basket, he drags it back in!

We also had a Jacobs' Family Reunion. I love this reunion. My cousins are like my siblings. We've all been so close all growing up and now we are all having kids of our own. This is Kyle and his daughter Kloee, and Lindsay and her daughter Elizabeth. Dax is a little girl trapped cousin wise!

He and Kloee with their sweet hats trying to steal the ball from each other!

I tried to get him to love the dirt, didn't work too well. He wasn't loving it...oh well soon enough I'll wish he didn't love the dirt so much!


Mindy said...

It worked! I can see the photos! He is getting soo big!

Brianna Tuckett said...

Fun pics and the blog is dang cute Megan!! :)