Thursday, January 20, 2011


We had such a wonderful Christmas. It was so fun celebrating Dax's first Christmas. We went a little crazy, but loved every minute! Our little man makes everything more fun!
The Christmas season barely started and already they're worn out! Like father, like son!
Daxton and cousin Jillian--he's only 2 days older!

Yes, we were the lucky ones to be Mary and Joseph!

Seriously Mom?! I can't even see!

Sweet little Emma with Dax. He was baby Jesus at all the family parties!

Brazen and Dax

Dax and cousin Kloee
Great Grandma Gerry and Dax, with the stocking she made him for Christmas.

Everyone needs a Snuggie!!

Dad and Dax

Opening his tool bench from Dad! Sure it says ages 3 and older, but he's almost 3!

Grandma Kris and Dax in his new Christmas PJs from her!

Dax's loot! Yep, he has no idea!

Uh, Mom, can't see....again, humiliating!

Dax's Christmas outfit from Grandma Beverly. The feet had Santa faces on them and he would stare and stare at them with a look like, " Mom, why do you feel the need to humiliate me like this?!"

Our little family! What a great year!