Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ah Summer!

 A lot has happened in the last few months. We've had a wonderful summer and have been all over. Little things have meant a lot more to me having Dax around. It's so fun to watch him experience popsicles for the first time, watching the amazement in his eyes as he watches fire, tasting the goodness of smores, riding horses, watching a butterfly land and take off again, feeling the weird sensation of grass on his feet...(he's not sure he loves that feeling like I do!). Our first accomplishment this summer has been getting him to crawl. He used to just use his arms. Both at the same time...he looked like a seal. Then dad decided to shove a toy in his shirt so he couldn't touch the ground with his belly...After much dedication and trial and error from many he figured it out! He went from this..

 to this...
 To finally this!! 
He learned on the grass, not loving the feel of it made him get on all fours! He's a crawling machine these days. We race down the hallway and he gets going so fast he face plants!

On to our summer... It started out with my birthday. June 17 and we celebrated at the cabin. That plastic birthday cake has been with me for most of my birthdays since I was 5! Glad it's still around all these many years later!

 Mardee, Tyler's daughter, has a birthday the day after mine so we celebrated together. She was turning 8, so the 8 was hers!

 Mom, Rich, Brandon, Dax and I went to the Playmill for my birthday and that cute boy to my right sang to me! When I was little I used to love to go up on stage, and I won't lie, it was still fun at 28!

 We took some family pictures while we were up there with all my family.

All the grandkids! Such cuties!!

 Mom and Rich worked tirelessly to get Dax to crawl!

We had so much fun up there.  We played all weekend doing all sorts of things like...

 Rich is the man!

 Pretty sure he got a bulls eye!

 And me...not so much! I just played with the guns!

 Dax loved swinging!

 Watching many horseshoe games...

And took long walks...I think we wore him right out! But we had a wonderful time in Island Park! One of my most favorite places to be!

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Brianna Tuckett said...

I LOVE the pic of Dax in the swing!! What a cute smile! :)