Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As a last of the summer fling, before I started school again, we decided to go fourwheeling to Packsaddle with Shane and Jo and Nate and Nancy. We had such a great time! It was a perfect end of summer trip!

All the girls!!

We had so much fun! Brandon loves going as fast as possible down any little trail...my hands were a bit tired from gripping for dear life!

Nate and Nancy stylin in the Razr

We were like a bunch of little kids on the rope swing. It was so much fun!

Nate on the swing...

Brandon on the swing... Jo on the swing...

Nancy on the swing...

Megan on the swing...

And finally, Shane on the swing...brought his swimming suit and everything ..and he actually jumped off into the water. Such a brave guy...

All of us at packsaddle!

Me and Nancy doing a little destruction!

A long, fun filled day! I'm a bit dirty...

Camping at the Modoc

Over Memorial Day we went camping to the modoc. When I was a little girl campers were like a swear word! "We rough it when we go camping!" "Tents are the only way we camp!" Well, times have changed and so have the phrases. "We can't go camping, our camper's broke!" "We have to go somewhere the camper's fit!" Needless to say I guess we've gotten a little weak or smart in our older ages. However, Bradon and I have yet to get a camper. So we took the next best thing, no not a tent...our snowmobile trailer. It had all we needed: a mattress inside, our grill, a little heater, a bathr....wait, no bathroom. Almost perfect! So we still, kinda roughed it!

Just us! I love us!

We celebrated Ian's birthday up there Elmo style! Lori is so creative! Tanner was loving picking off all the candy and licking all the cupcakes...made them super tasty for the rest of us!

We love fishing! Tyler packs all the girls and Frank and we go early in the morning! They all love it, and even have their own tackle boxes.

A little photo shoot in the camper. It was raining outside so we had to make the best of a bunch of little ninos in a small space!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I know it's been 8 months...but I figured better late then never. Here's a sneak peak at the best day of my life! November 14, 2008

Our engagements were so fun! For one Brandon struggled with keeping his eyes open, and for another...posing is a struggle! She told him to lay on top of me for the picture...yeah didn't work. I was laughing too hard and the grass was soaking wet! Oh well makes for fun pictures!

We're trying to look GQ...not sure if it's working.

Sitting in a little water on the rocks!

More of the engagments

A couple of the bridal pics..

This was one of the funniest moments. My family is not the most affectionate family ever. Cindy, my photographer, has my two brothers come for pictures. If you know Tyler and Zac, you understand that them and pictures don't really do well. Anyway, she wants them to put their arms around me and all of us end up in a big hug. Yeah, these pictures let you know it didn't work out so well. Tyler was like, what the h...then Zac was being a smart alec, and I couldn't help but die laughing.

It was a beautiful day!! The best ever!

At the temple...our photographer wanted us to be all romantic and have Brandon kiss my neck...well the look on my face tells you how romantic it was as I bust out laughing. It's a bit vampirish!

All the little ninos on my side of the family...Ian wasn't so happy about the situation.

The reception wouldn't be the same without a little cake time! I'm not sure what I'm saying at this point, but I'm sure it was sassy!

Three generations of beautiful women!

Me and Pam and Kate...the best part about all of this was that within 6 months, the three of us were married. Kate started it in October, I followed in November, and Pam brought up the rear in March. Best friends since we were little and all married at the same time. It was so fun!!

Me and my little girls

All my side of the family

The Harris' being a bit...well themselves!

The whole Harris clan!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I think I'm getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. My wonderful sister-in-law Kelly graciously took me step by step. I'm excited to enter this blog-crazed world.

As an update on Brandon and I, life is going so well. I just got a new job!! It's so bittersweet. I will be teaching 5th grade at Madison Middle School in Rexburg. I'm so excited, but so sad to be leaving Mud Lake. It's been home for so long.

We've been finishing our basement...and when I say we I mean Brandon. The Harris brothers have been so great to come and help. It's comic relief for me to sit upstairs and listen as they all try to act like they are right! A few colorful words decorate the air as well! :)

As well as the basement, we have also been working on our yard. We planted some trees last December...the prime tree planting month! Our neighbors thought we were crazy because not only was it December and freezing outside, it was also dark. However crazy we appeared, we are coming out triumphant as the trees are starting to bloom!

We are loving life. I can't wait for May to end and my summer to begin. This will be my first summer in almost 7 years that I can do what I want! I will be going through some withdrawals as EFY approaches and I am not wearing a brightly colored polo with matching earrings. I will survive though because I have Girl's Camp to take the place of EFY! Bring on the all nighters with the bears!