Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catch Up- A year in review!

Well since I haven't blogged for about a year now, I decided to do a quick update on our past year. It's been such a great one! Since the last post....we went camping and Dax LOVED it!

We wore him right out! A side note, this was also his first trip in his big boy car seat! So much better to see out--he wasn't having that backwards thing any more!

My best friend Cami got married in Billings so my friend Val and I took a road trip and rod trips with her are always the best and end with great stories. I always hurt from so much laughing. Cami looked beautiful and I'm so happy for her!

Gary and Cami Gray!

We had a family reunion in Bear Lake-which I personally think is the perfect place!  we had so much fun.  These are my beautiful sisters-in-law minus Kelly.  She was having a baby so we forgive her for not being there.

This handsome guy had a birthday which he shares with Kalli. Nothing like dinner at Chuck-a-rama to celebrate your 33rd year!

My dad and his wife Cresta were sealed in the Logan temple .

This sweet little guy also had a birthday.  I sure love him.  We celebrated at Leo's place, which is a kid's paradise and germ a phobes nightmare. I Just try not to think about that part!

We took Mom and Rich for a horse ride. We had so much fun--Mom hadn't been on a horse in years! She was a natural. Sure love those two!

This little monster was loving the candy part of Halloween--wasn't sure why everyone was giving it to him, but he didn't care!

We had family pictures taken---love my little family!

Daxy kept me on my toes chasing him here and there, but he sure is cute little guy! 

Valentine's Day came and my sweet husband got me an elliptical!! Now before you judge him, saying what moron gets his pregnant wife a work out machine for love day...I had been wanting one for so long that it actually was such a fun surprise and I was super pumped!  

 Some big news of our year was moving from Rigby to Newdale on the farm. We were lucky enough to sell our house and we moved into a little farm house that belonged to Brandon's grandma.  We are loving it in Newdale.  Dax especially loves playing outside and going from "vroom vroom" rides!  We love being on the farm!

Mr. Independent has taken a liking to spatulas and serving spoons.  If I can't find my spatulas or oven mitts, I can usually find two or three stashed in his room.  As you can see, it's a little tricky to eat spaghetti with a large serving spoon!  He also got to go to nursery!!  Yay for that.  He is quite a terror in church.  I think he's probably a terror in nursery too, but it's the best 2 hours or my week!  I can actually listen and learn something in church.  I thought he might have a hard time going in....nope.  The first day we took him, he saw the goldfish crackers on the table and there was no looking back.  One Sunday, Brandon was watching from outside the door and for 5 minutes the only name he heard was Daxton.  "Daxton come here.  Daxton don't climb that.  Daxton get down.  Daxton no no. " Those poor nursery leaders.  

Happy Happy Easter!  Dax ate more candy this weekend than any child should ever be allowed in a month! He was digging the easter egg hunt.  He would run find an egg, shake it, and if he heard candy inside, he opened it right into his mouth and had chocolate drizzling out the sides of his mouth.  Lesson learned for next year, only a couple eggs get candy in them!  

We went out to Birch Creek for the day while Mom and Rich were camping.  Again, Dax loved it.  Grandma Kris showed him how to throw rocks in the creek and he thought that was pretty cool.  He'd find a rock and make a B-line to throw it in.  I told Mom if she was going to show him, she was going to chase him to make sure he didn't throw himself in the creek!  

Addicted...that's the only word!

Growing bigger!!! We were getting ready for our new little guy to make his appearance!  

We like to do things at the same times!  We all got married within 6 months of each other, and now we are all expecting babies within  6 months of each other.  Lucky for me, neither of the them are hardly showing and I'm 2 weeks from delivery!  Lovely for that picture!  

Finally the morning of new baby!!  More on that to come!  Room is all ready and Momma is ready to pop, let's get this thing going!!

So you can see we had a pretty good year.  Not all is documented here, but that's okay.  A few glimpses into the Harris life!


Mindy said...

Shut-up. You remembered you have a blog!!!! You are lookin' sooo adorable!!! And your babe is getting so big! Blog more often ... or die. ;) Love ya!

Powell's Place said...

A lot happened in a year! Nice update!

Scott and Jamie said...

How exciting, you are so close to having baby #2. Hope all goes well, your family is so cute!