Monday, May 23, 2011

Dax's 7 month photo shoot

My little guy at 7 months! He's a pretty photogenic kid! :)

Photo Shoots!

Oh how I love pictures! I love taking them, looking at them, and scrapbooking them--which my new favorite thing has turned into online scrapbooks i.e. Shutterfly and Mixbooks. Anyway, I really love professional photos, however, paying for the all the ones I want isn't always the easiest. So...I decided to try my hand at taking pictures and attempting to edit them. Obviously you can tell I'm amatuer, but I captured the cute little face and that's really all that matters! My little Dax is pretty good for the camera. Here's a little peek into our shoots! These are of Dax at 6 months.

My Grandpa Franks' cowboy hat.

My little camo man!

Dreaming of his football days...

He's a happy little guy always!